How do I request a car with enough luggage space?

Please browse the infographics below to see which vehicle class can accommodate each type of luggage:

If you are still unsure whether or not your luggage will fit - please contact us via the live chat or on

Can I take hand luggage into the passenger compartment?

Hand-held luggage may be taken into the passenger compartment if there is no more space in the back of the vehicle. However, it is important that suitcases and luggage bags are not carried in the passenger compartment.

What about other types of luggage?


Each pushchair is equivalent to 1 large suitcase. Please refer to the luggage allowance above to understand your remaining allowance if you have a stroller and how many strollers you can carry with you on each tariff.


Skis, snowboards, surfboards, and similar items must only be transported in an XL vehicle. Items must not exceed 1,5 metres in length and must be properly encased.


Business and First tariff: Maximum 1 folding wheelchair.

XL tariff: 2 folding wheelchairs or 1 non-folding wheelchair.
We do not currently supply wheelchair-accessible vehicles (i.e. with a lift or ramp).

Musical instruments

Large musical instruments must only be transported in an XL vehicle, must not exceed 2.5 metres in length and must be properly encased. If you are unsure whether the instrument will fit into the vehicle, please contact us prior to booking on and we will advise you.

Fragile items

Please inform your chauffeur if you have any fragile items in your luggage.