Vehicle Standards

What should be in my vehicle on a Wheely journey?

  1. A working smartphone (iOS or Android) - your location should be set to always on, and notifications should be turned on.

  2. A smartphone holder (on the right-side of the steering wheel, away from passenger’s sight)

  3. A Wheely nameboard

  4. A large black umbrella

  5. An iPhone and Android phone charger for passengers - these should be long enough for passengers in the back seat to sit comfortably whilst it’s charging.

  6. Still Bottled Water (these must be Evian or Fiji, 330ml to 500ml, and should not be sports-caps)

  7. Hygiene Items: Wheely branded tissues, Wheely branded sanitizing towelettes, antibacterial wipes, antibacterial spray, and disposable bags

  8. No-smoking stickers, which should be placed on the rear side of the windows

What should not be inside the vehicle on a Wheely journey?

  1. Advertising materials, including your own business cards if you have any

  2. Personal belongings, including on the front passenger seat. You may have an overcoat in the vehicle, as long as this is stowed in the boot.

  3. Air fresheners and any other items hanging off the rearview mirror.

  4. Multiple phones and gadgets on display.

  5. Any stickers, except “no smoking” stickers.