Meeting the Passenger

What should I do once I have arrived?

Please press the 'arrived' button.

Can I clean my vehicle while waiting for my passenger?

No. Please do not use this time as an opportunity to clean your vehicle or replenish items; this should be done prior to arriving at the pick up point.

How should I greet the passenger?

Please meet your passenger outside your vehicle with the door open. Greet the passenger with the phrase 'Good morning/afternoon/evening [passenger name].' Please note, this is the only time that their name should be used. Hereafter, you should address the passenger as Sir or Ma'am.

If it is raining, please meet the passenger with an umbrella and accompany them to your vehicle.

What do I need to do before starting the journey?

Ask the passenger three questions:

1. "Do you have a preferred route to [Destination]?"

  • If they do, please follow their preferred route. If they do not state a preferred route, please use google maps to guide you to their final destination

2. "Are you comfortable with the temperature in the vehicle or would you like me to adjust it?"

  • The default temperature setting is between 20-22 degrees, using A/C to maintain a cycle of air in the vehicle to avoid any poor, stale smells

3.“Would you like to listen to the radio or connect your device?"

  • When arriving at the pickup location, please ensure that the radio is off. Should the passenger ask for the radio on, but not specify a station, please turn on Classic FM at low-medium volume (e.g. a 3 out of 10)

  • You must easily be able to explain to passengers how to connect Bluetooth in case they ask, and you MUST know how to end that connection without leaving any of their synchronized data in your vehicle

How do I deactivate a device from the list?

Go to Menu, select Phone, select the Device from the list and Deauthorize from your vehicle’s phone list, end with Confirm. Please ensure your vehicle software is updated to ensure your passengers' data is safe.