During the Journey

How am I expected to drive?

You should drive in a smooth manner without breaking sharply or accelerating too quickly, and by steering with small, gentle movements to avoid sudden turns. You should not engage with other road users. If navigation assistance is required, please use google maps.

What phone etiquette should I follow?

Turn off your phone notifications, and do not use your phone whilst driving except to check directions. If the passenger makes a phone call, turn down the radio. If the passenger is on the phone when they get into your vehicle, keep the radio off and do not ask the three questions until the passenger has finished their call.

Can the passenger smoke in the vehicle?

If a passenger asks to smoke in your vehicle, we suggest saying:

“Unfortunately Sir/Ma'am, passengers are unable to smoke in private hire vehicles. If you would like, I can pull over in order for you to smoke?”

If they would like to, please find a suitable location to stop and allow the passenger to smoke outside of your vehicle. Once they have finished, continue the journey.