What should I do if the passenger has soiled or damaged my vehicle?

Once you have completed the journey, please go offline and immediately contact the Customer Service team with images. You will need to give details of the incident and provide receipts within 48 hours.

How do I receive payment for the cleaning service?

Once the vehicle has been cleaned or repaired, please submit the receipt within 48 hours of the trip stating the trip number, date, and time of the trip.

Please note that failure to submit this receipt within 48hrs may affect your reimbursement.

Is there a cap on cleaning fees?

Yes, there is a cap of £75 for cleaning fees.

Will my account be waitlisted?

If your vehicle has been damaged, dirtied or soiled, it will be waitlisted as it is not showroom standard. Please use the time offline to provide photos and a receipt within 48 hours and we will make the process as swift as possible.